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It's not the years, it's the mileage...


You know you've been away for longer than you thought when you log back in, read your profile and realise that you're still claiming to be in your mid-twenties.

That is not how old I am. 

Past Sins

In the spirit of masochism, I read through my first ever NanoNovel last night.

Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it. It certainly wasn't as excruciating as expected. It sort-of reads like it has a plot that was going somewhere. I was even moved by the death of a character. Of course, like all my subsequent NaNos, it stops sharply at just over 50k. And I never did have any idea how it was going to end. 

It's weird looking back over five years, though. The storyline I remember tacking on ineffectively looks like it was always part of the plan. And the minor love story I thought was quite a sweet way to start the book clearly needs to be cut completely (it really, really sucks). However, I don't have the urge to go back in time and slap my younger self, so overall I'm pretty pleased. 

Now to read my 2007 entry, (which was trying to be steampunk and ended up post-apocalyptic). And to get annoyed that it ends abruptly at the crucial point in the novel where one half of my party are planting a bomb (I think) aboard an antique cruise ship, while the others are preparing for a duel with the king aboard a chain ferry. 

Hmm. I really ought to finish that one ;-) 


I got to dog-sit for the best dog in the world last week. It was great. All he wants from life is cuddles, and if you stop cuddling he bats you with a paw until you start again.

For a couple of days, life was simple :-)

This is why I don't usually try things on

I almost got stuck in a dress I was trying on today. There's no panic quite like it.
Turns out it had a well-hidden zip. I discovered this after I'd finally managed to remove it by manoeuvring it over my shoulders.

I didn't buy it.

Star of Stage and Screen

Tonight I was on a TV  programme called Three in a Bed.

That is all.

In Comes the Bride

Sooo.... my little sister is getting married soon. It's awesome.

But after a rather difficult day yesterday... if one more person makes the joke that hers will be the only wedding in our family, I may have to resort to violence. This includes jokes about this being the only time my Dad gets to give someone away, or indeed the consoling comparison that Cliff Richard didn't marry so I can be like him (WTF?)

I take some schadenfreude in the fact that most of the people making these jokes failed in their own first marriages and therefore may not be the oracles they think they are.

Also I have enough problems managing my work-husband. I think a real one would be a lot of extra work.

Sad News

Diana Wynn Jones died yesterday.

Big loss. Books like Fire and Hemlock and The Lives of Christopher Chant really are magical, and for me they're part of my university memories. Neil Gaiman's tribute to her is a touching one, they were friends and it's written with obvious affection.
Sad news indeed.


How is it October?

As an upate, I have a clean bill of health, my workfriend has handed over two copies of SFX magazine and it's my birthday in one month and two days. 


Sorry if anyone's receive a dodgy email purportedly from me today. I've now reset my password.