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Past Sins

In the spirit of masochism, I read through my first ever NanoNovel last night.

Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it. It certainly wasn't as excruciating as expected. It sort-of reads like it has a plot that was going somewhere. I was even moved by the death of a character. Of course, like all my subsequent NaNos, it stops sharply at just over 50k. And I never did have any idea how it was going to end. 

It's weird looking back over five years, though. The storyline I remember tacking on ineffectively looks like it was always part of the plan. And the minor love story I thought was quite a sweet way to start the book clearly needs to be cut completely (it really, really sucks). However, I don't have the urge to go back in time and slap my younger self, so overall I'm pretty pleased. 

Now to read my 2007 entry, (which was trying to be steampunk and ended up post-apocalyptic). And to get annoyed that it ends abruptly at the crucial point in the novel where one half of my party are planting a bomb (I think) aboard an antique cruise ship, while the others are preparing for a duel with the king aboard a chain ferry. 

Hmm. I really ought to finish that one ;-) 
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